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If you believe in Children... if you believe in Dreams, then the AYLA SPEAKS TO DOLPHINS Series is for you.

After moving to a remote island, Ayla develops the ability to communicate with dolphins. Follow this young heroine as she explores this mysterious paradise, where the secrets of her ancestors are slowly revealed. Along the way, Ayla, her brother Aslyn, and their new animal friends must save their family and this little island in Hawai'i. Enhanced with audio, video and rich color images, these adventures are a feast for the eyes, ears and soul.

Whether you are a kid, teenager, parent or grandparent, you will discover hidden treasures through every page of their journey!

Join the thrilling adventure as these remarkable children (keiki) and their extended family ('ohana) explore mountains, jungles, coral reefs and the vast Pacific Ocean surrounding this island paradise. Along the way, they will encounter humpback whales, giant sea turtles, sharks, monk seals, other marine mammals and one comical parrot, named Pico, who keeps everyone laughing. Smiles, ukulele music, love and aloha are just a few of the Hawaiian gifts shared in this new children's series from Sealove. The language ('olelo), music (mele), chants (oli) and prayers (pule) of old Hawaii, including the story of creation (Kumulipo) and the Lord's Prayer (Ka Pule A Ka Haku) are revealed along the way. Many legends and deeper aspects of the culture, including spiritual excellence (pono), supernatural power (mana), and the courage (koa) of the native Hawaiian people (Kanaka Maoli) are revealed to this twelve year old girl.

Coconuts, mangos, pineapples, sandy beaches, turquoise waters, barefoot sunsets, fragrant plumeria and double rainbows are just a few of the tropical treats that will tickle your senses, appealing to the imaginations of adults and children alike. Join us on this first adventure...

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